You Might Want To Make These Types Of Campfires At The Campsite

Criss-Cross Fire-type campfire is very suitable for use when cooking while camping. This campfire technique will also be very useful when the camping area is quite windy and humid. The flat shape is perfect for cooking something. The degree of the burning of this fire depends on how much wood is piled up. The heat generated is also stable and lasts longer when compared to Tepee Fire. Aside from that, if you wish to find out more tips about camping, you can visit our website and get lootlion shop .

Making way: Prepare medium-sized logs with the same length or not much different. Make sure the wood is dry. Then line up a few logs on the ground, then add a few more logs on top in a crossed position from the previous pile. Add more on it to three or four overlapping stacks. Make sure there is a distance between the parallel logs to make it easier for air to flow so that combustion is better. Start lighting the fire from the top pile of wood which will spread down until it runs out.

In addition to criss-cross poultry fire types, there are also keyhole fire pit campfires. Campfire Keyhole Fire Pit types are widely used by those who love camping. This campfire is a joint technique between Tepee Fire and Criss-Cross Fire. You can combine the fun of camping with the excitement of cooking with this campfire. No need to wait for the first bonfire to run out, you can simultaneously cook while having fun with friends.

Making way: Dig the ground surface in the shape of a keyhole like a circle that is combined with an oval or box. Arrange the stones around the excavation to be a barrier. Then in the circle, make a pile of wood using the Tepee Fire and in the oval or box make a pile of Criss-Cross Firewood. Burn both of them.

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