Finding Out About Car Coating Treatments

The term car coating is indeed familiar to hear, especially with the emergence of various types of car coating treatments which are now quite a trend among automotive lovers. Even though many workshops offer car coating services, not a few of us understand what car coating actually is? Then what are the main benefits of coating on cars from car detailing san diego?

Before we dive any deeper, we need to know what car coating really is. Car coating treatment is a treatment that in the process adds a special layer to the surface of car paint. The goal is of course so that the paint color coating on the car body always looks fresh, shiny, not dull, and makes your car always look pleasing to the eye. In the car coating treatment process, the surface of the car paint on the entire body will be given a liquid which will harden the liquid later. The hardened liquid is what we call a coating layer. This car coating layer has a higher molecular density than car paint protectors such as wax. That’s because the coating layer works to close the pores on the surface of car paint so that it is more resistant to residue, water, and dirt. Generally, car coatings use SiO2 or silicon dioxide, which is the raw material for making ceramics and glass. Therefore, if a car has been treated, the car coating will look more shiny, glossy, bright, and charming.

As an additional coating on paint surfaces and car bodies, car coatings have considerable benefits to keep the car’s appearance fresh and not dull. In addition, there are many other benefits that you can get. One of the benefits of car coating treatment is to prevent car paint from fading. Yes, that’s right, the car coating layer will protect the car surface as well as the paint color from exposure to ultraviolet rays which are carried along with the sun’s rays.

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