Easy Ways to Wash Your Carpet Without Laundry Services

First, before washing, clean the carpet first using a vacuum cleaner so that dust can be lifted perfectly and most of the sediment that sticks to the carpet is dust deposits. On the other hand, visit our website to know more about a trusted  carpet care specialists near your location.

Second, spread the carpet on a hanging clothesline or a special place to hang heavy clothes so that the water will easily flow during washing because if you wash the carpet by holding it will cause stagnant water and this will make the glue easily damaged.

Third, if it has been stretched perfectly and strong, start cleaning it using a water sprayer. The use of water sprayers is done so that stronger water pressure enters into between the carpet fibers.

Fourth, after the carpet is evenly moistened with water, the next is the cleaning process using a special soap to wash the carpet or carpet shampoo. But if it’s not there, the alternative is to use soft soap or use baby soap using a soft carpet brush and don’t do it very hard because it can damage the texture of the carpet.

Fifth, if the entire surface of the carpet has been cleaned, then rinse with water and spray it with a softer pressure so that the water can flow well and transport the dirt inside the carpet.

Sixth, dry the carpet at sufficient heat, do not overheat because it can cause the carpet to become hard but still have enough temperature so that the carpet can dry in one day.

Seventh, after the carpet is dry, title again on the floor and sprinkle enough baking soda by splashing it on the surface of the carpet to remove the odor and after 30 minutes clean it again using a vacuum cleaner.

Eighth, if the carpet will not be immediately paired again, then roll it according to the original structure and pack it using plastic so that the carpet is not exposed to dust.

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